I was tired of being alone for so long. I was once married before, but then he passed away after a very long battle with an illness. I was discussing my loneliness with a group of friends over coffee one day, and they told me I should check vashikaran yantra and learn how it attracts to your life what you are missing and hope for.

After my girlfriends explained to me what it is, I realized that it very much reminds me of innocent spells that some people cast to try to bring about positive changes in their life. And just like most of us have heard that you should never use spells for bad intention, using the yantra is no different. It should be used only for positive changes. I like that very much.

To get started, I chose a quiet Saturday to carry out all the steps.Continue reading

Couple Dilemma

Usually during the holidays people make the same mistake — overeat with delicious food. After the holidays, everyone feels relaxed, but with a few pounds heavier. This is the right moment to go after an effective diet. People want to regain their old form in which they feel best with the help of certain restrictions. The same tactics should be applied in relationships. All partners in most lasting relationships are trapped in routine and bad habits, accumulating “more weight.” In this case, it’s time for a love diet. Continue reading


The relationship between sex and tension is unmistakable — on one hand, sex successfully handle the tension, stress and headaches, on other hand, sex is fueled by the tension that makes the sexual experience much more turbulent, exciting and sensual.

The strong stress acts like passion killer for some people. It’s proven that the increased levels of cortisol, the hormone produced when you are under stress, lead to a decreased production of testosterone, and vise versa. This is pretty logical explanation that when there is presence of psychological stress the last thing you think about is sex. Continue reading